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[GP] Gawang PinoyCraft #4 - HOTELS - Application!

06 Apr 2014




APRIL 2014


What's up PinoyCrafters?    :) Today, we will open applications for round four of Gawang PinoyCraft.


STATUS: Open, closes on April 13.

Rules, Mechanics and Prizes

We have revised some of the mechanics. Changes focus on:

  • Voting Round Prize  - We will only award the winner, and the award is 200 PPS.
  • Voting Round Mechanics - LIKES only.
  • Judging Round Prizes - 3rd Place will win 200 PPS, 2nd will get 300 PPS, and 1st will win 800 PPS. 
  • The members of the 1st placed team of the previous Judging Round will not be allowed to participate to give a chance to others.
  • Teams MUST post progress reports every two days, otherwise face disqualification.
  • Application: ONLY LEADERS may apply for the event.
  • Application: Applications may only be done within the first week.
  • Application: Application is to be opened at least 12 hours after the theme is announced.
  • Dropouts: Leaders of teams who are disqualified for inactivity (w/o reason) will be banned from participating for the next two GP Events.


This Round's Theme, Special Rules & Instructions

Well, people, we have hit summer! Summer is well known to be a time when people go out on vacation. Of course, whenever one goes on vacation, one must stay in someplace! Thus, we will use this to inspire the theme for our next round....


Create a replica of any hotel in the country!


This round's special rules:


1. Maximum of six people per team.
2. You must base your structure on a Filipino hotel.
3. You are not allowed to build any structure that the server already has.
4. You are not allowed to copy works of others, but you may gain inspiration from them.
5. No pixel art, except if this is part of a design. (Ex: A school's logo)
6. Entertain any questions from anybody about your build. You'll never know, they may be judges!   :P

7. The number of floors of your hotel must match how many floors it has in real life. (Remember to not include the 13th Floor if necessary)

8. Requirements:

  • Must be based on a real life Filipino building. Using the Hotel de Halangdon (Cebu Waterfront Hotel) is not allowed, as the server already has the building.
  • Must have at least 3 Floors
  • At least 1/2 of the rooms must be furnished.
  • Rooms must have a bed and bathroom each.
  • There must be: A lobby, a reception area, a parking area (can be basement), a dining area, a ballroom/conference room.

9. We will follow this Judge Criteria for the Event

  • Creativity
  • Effort
  • Visual Appeal
  • Pinoy Factor
  • Neatness
  • Interior Creativity

10. Banned from participating in this round:

  • pvcsam (Winner of GP 3)
  • Plzch (Winner of GP 3)
  • texans20 (Winner of GP 3)
  • SantaClaus (2-round ban for inactivity without reason)

Any further announcements will be posted in this thread, or in PinoyCraft's official Facebook page. Some announcements include possible drop out teams, as well as their replacements from the waitlist.



Important Dates

Apr 6, 1pm - Theme Announcement
Apr 6, 12nn - Application Opens
Apr 13, 12mn - Deadline to apply and make changes to the team

Apr 24 11:59pm - Deadline to stop building
Apr 25 - Start of Voting Round

Apr 27 - Announcement of Voting and Judging Round results


Apply for this month's event now!     :) Copy the format below, and wait for Admin Devyll or GM Dyeyzzon914 to approve your application. Remember, only ten teams will be accepted per round, though late applicants would always have another chance if any team fails to build anything significant within one week.


GP Round 4 Application
Team Name:
Leader (1):
Members (0-4):


So without further ado, let's get this round underway! Application is now open! Good luck, and may the most creative team win!    :D

CURRENT PARTICIPATING TEAMS (with plot numbers, team leader listed first)

  1. Team Frog (Blocksbuilder, John_0714, Third)
  2. Team Grrr (Grandrage)
  3. Chloe's Creativity (ChloeLycann)
  4. Team Just Me (CharlieJoes) Team Loko Ones (ImLoko, Miguelito)
  5. Team Coco Jambo (KobsXD, AdenXD)
  6. Minecrafters of the Philippines (MCMania332, vanisher)
  7. Team Rawr (dantejrborja, Baba, scrappycoco4455)
  8. Team LJMX (TecnoWarrior, iMixeeR
  9. Team Construction Justice (Juniorzkie, danny_taylor, Thejuliusmc, OnePiecee)
  10. Team Tower Builder (Majeh, _Jakita_)
  11. Team Alone (Djlizardo)
  12. The City of Smiles: Bacolod (jam29, KingCrowe, anaw, JohnEarl)


WAITLIST (sorted based on priority) - Last call on Monday, 13 April 2014


  1. Team LeJack Daw (MastaAlpha312, ookeper25)
  2. Team Jampong (brvhrt1005, alper2644, 150asier, _ChiefChirpa, Ittlanglct, Dark_HunterPC)

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Easter Egg giveaway!

20 Apr 2014

In celebration of Easter Sunday, we're giving away Eggs!


How to get one? Easy! Just VOTE our server and you will receive 1 Egg and Diamonds for every vote.

Visit this link to start voting: http://www.pinoycraf...ote-pinoycraft/


There's also a chance to receive extra random cash and a rare wolf egg if you get lucky. ;)



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New Forum Design!

19 Apr 2014

As you may have noticed by now, our forum design has changed into a much more modern look. Thanks to some engineer members and our GM's for testing it internally and now the design is available to everyone :D

(Some users may have to wait until the new design can be viewed. You may also want to clear your browsers cookies/cache if you still can't see it)


The overall design is Metro inspired and gives our forum a fluid width and auto adjusts the layout depending on your resolution (minimum is 1024x768)


It's still in Beta and layout bugs and design errors may occur across different browsers and operating systems (especially on Mac). Help us find these bugs and errors so I can fix them immediately. You may post it on our Reports section.



So here are the major changes aside from the overall look of our site:


  • New header

The header has been updated to provide a background image and can be scrolled over by the main content area. (it's one of those cool effects nowadays)

The set of buttons and links at the top has been re-arranged. The logout link has been removed and transferred under the Profile drop down menu.

The primary site navigation menu has been moved below the header to allow more space in case we needed more links and prevent the layout from breaking up.

YouTube button link has been added.




  • Forum category list

Forum row highlighting and updated icons. You can now click the forum row as if you were clicking on a large button, optimized for touchscreen monitors and tablets.

I can't seem to integrate Minecraft icons into the overall look of the layout without making it feel out-of-place so I defaulted it to Metro-inspired icon sets.




  • Topic list

The topic list now features a more relaxed layout. Clicking on the Preview button is still the same aside from the profile pictures which are now rounded :)



  • Topic view

This is probably the most noticeable change aside from the overall look. As you can see, the posts are now arranged horizontally. The poster's information are placed above the post and the main post content are placed below it. This gives more space and focus to the actual post itself. Images should now look larger than before.

One thing that has been removed is the Survival Server player stats. It doesn't fit in to the layout and I consider it as not so important. You can still view your stats by going to your Profile and on private conversations.



  • Updated Server Stats page

Our server stats page has been updated with interactive graphs that provides in depth information about our server's performance.


  • Group icons

As you may have noticed, the group icons has been also updated. Thanks to PKMNtrainerDia for doing it! I was surprised, he also made my new avatar picture :D The group icons will still change so it can better match our new design. Stay tuned!


  • Profile Covers

Custom background/wallpaper for Donator profiles are no longer supported. Instead, they have been converted into profile covers similar to Facebook Timeline covers ;)


Anyway, that seems to be all of it. UWBS design will be changed soon too, and remember that our current layout is still in beta. Please do report all bugs and errors that you may find and please make suggestions so that we can improve it further.




Next week: Something big is coming...

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GM HeatChill -> GM DocSpectre

09 Apr 2014

This announcement is just to confirm that GM HeatChill has shifted his GM powers to a new account - DocSpectre.


DocSpectre is GM HeatChill so do not be surprised to see an unknown GM account logging into the server.


Thanks. :)

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New Rank Prices and Dollar->PPS conversion rate

05 Apr 2014

This is to inform everyone that our Donator Rank prices (in PPS) has been increased to meet our needs.
The changes are listed below:
SILVER from 200PPS now 300PPS/month

GOLD from 400PPS now 500PPS/month

DIAMOND from 600PPS now 700PPS/month

V.I.P. from 800PPS now 900PPS/month


New perks and promos will also be introduced soon :)


Our US Dollar to PPS conversion rate has also been updated to keep up with the current PHP-USD rates + fees if you wish to pay via Paypal.

Head over to this page to check out the new USD rates:


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